How to Fit a Hearth Fire Surround?


To fit a hearth fire surround, screw 75 x 25mm planed timber boards together at the corners to make a formwork around the edge of the fibre cement board then mix concrete from one part cement, two parts sand and three parts aggregate. Pour this into the form, level it off and leave for 24 hours. Lift the fireplace surround into place, place the new surround and mantelpiece in position and tile or paint the hearth before refitting the carpet or other floor covering.
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The manufactured hearths are held on with four inch screws normally two on top, one on each leg in the bottom of the leg. . If the builder put backing in the wall, other wise you
This is a specialist task and your Farmington dealer will arrange for fully qualified fitters to fit the fire surround into your home.
By reviewer on Aug 5, 2008. 5.0 star(s) We are really pleased with the work Tim has carried out for us. He's a good, decent bloke who you can trust. Friendly, reliable and extremely
How are stone fire surrounds secured to the wall? Im removing my old gas fire and associated surround. There is a stone back surround and hearth, I want to remove these without damaging
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A gas fire surround is fitted by laying hearth on a concrete sub-base in front of the fire opening .A back panel is then placed at the centre of the hearth and ...
To fit a fire surrounds, remove the skirting board, mark on the heart central position and lay the hearth. Next, work out how your back panel needs to be installed ...
To install a marble fire surround, first, mark the centre point of the surround's location, and then divide the measurements by two. Level the surface of the floor ...
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