How to Fit an Air Rifle Spring?


To fit an air rifle spring, always perform the safety procedure before loading the gun. This is done by pulling the lever backwards to the safety position which locks the trigger to prevent the rifle from firing accidentally. Look here for more information:
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1. Put a sheet of newspaper on a work surface. Cut a 38-inch length of wood from the 2-by-6-by-6-inch wood block with the hand saw. Cut 12 5 1/4-inch lengths of wood from the 2-by
A spring powered system uses a spring that is inside an air tube. The spring is attached to a piston. When the rifle is cocked the spring and piston are drawn back and locked at one
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As the first guy said if your not sure take it along to a gunsmith. See if you can get a Titan or oxbow spring fitted. Better still if your rifle is compatible a Theoben gas ram.
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To replace a piston's spring (main spring) you will need a spring press. In the photo below you will see a spring press I built using a 8 inch C-Clamp. Notice that I cut the end of the C-Clamp and drilled 2 holes in it, to screw it to a 12 inch long, 3x1 inch thick piece of wood. I then screwed the C-Clamp and the board to a 45 inch long, 2x4 with 4, 3 inch screws. I also used a 4 inch piece of on the other end and screwed that down with 4, 4 inch screws, this end holds the point of the barrel. I also placed a 4 inch, 3x1 inch V grooved piece of wood in middle, to secure the air gun to the press. After all was securely screwed down, I painted the spring press with a water based sealant, this will help in cleaning up grease and tar from the spring press.
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Release any pressured air or spring before cleaning an air rifle. Clean outer surface with soft cloth and use cleaner liquid if required. Inside can be cleaned ...
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