How to Fit Kitchen Plinths?


Fitting a plinth is a relatively easy task and should pose no problem to anyone. Simply start by fixing the plinth to the base of the units, apply adhesive or screw fixings to the inside face of the plinth or cornice, and attach it to the units. If the units have legs, screw the clips supplied to the plinth and clip them around the legs.
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most modern plinths are made from laminated chip board!! they are very easy to fit just measure each end of the run you want to replace, then using a wood (rip) saw cut it to size
Yes I have plain white units with styled doors then I have boards of the same style as the door to fix to the showing sides of the units to match them. The standard plinths are for
1. Fit kitchen worktops by considering modern-form worktops. These tops are one piece with a 4-inch backsplash built in with them. They are laminated with one full sheet of laminate
Seating the new tap through the sink holes. Let the taps sit on the plastic or rubber bedding washers. Surround the hole with silicone sealing compound if washers are not supplied
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