How to Fit Stairs?


To fit stairs, first measure the joist thickness and make some cuts on the newel post so as to let it to hang on the trimmer joist. Secondly, cut the wall string and newel post back to the riser and secure them in place using screws. Next, you will have to make a skirting cut prior to the fixing of the staircase. Finally, use a square to mark the cut, drill and screw the stringer into the wall.
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1. Measure the horizontal step or “tread” of the stairs from front to back, down underneath the protruding lip of the stair, if you have them on your staircase. The "
Stair Design Very simple to explain, very dificult to get right. Here is my best shot. The 2006 International Building Code states the following: R311.5.3 Stair treads and risers.
A stair stepper is undoubtedly a great device. For one, it can help you enhance your cardiovascular strength. Also, it can effectively aid the firming up your lower body. Third, you
Overview Maintaining fitness not only makes you look good, but your health also will improve, mental ability is sharper and your overall mood is better. At least 30 minutes of aerobic
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To fit the staircase you will need to measure your joist thickness and make a few cuts on your newel post. To achieve the horizontal measurement, you will need ...
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