How to Fix a Bad Dye or Bleach Hair Job.?


1. Purchase Colorzap from any beauty supply shop or drugstore. 2. Put on old clothes and plastic or latex gloves to protect your skin from the chemicals. 3. Mix the activator liquid into the remover powder bottle. 4. Massage the liquid over your
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How to Fix a Bad Dye or Bleach Hair Job
At some point in time in many women's (and men) lives, they experience a bad dye job. Whether you think you're dying your hair one color and it comes out wrong or you just made a mistake, it's always a huge disappointment and problem. A mistake commonly... More »
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Depending on the texture of your hair and what kinds of chemicals you've put on it
your best bet is just adding more highlights.that way it will make the darker color look lighter.
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First,If hair is breaking off easily and coming out in clumps, you cannot continue to lighten your hair. If it is still fairly healthy, you may want to consider ...
The best way to fix bad hair dye, is to consult with a hair colorist. They will know what bases to use to get the bad hair color out. If you try to cover the color ...
To fix a bad hair dye job all you need to do is purchase a color removing agent from your local beauty supply store. If you have lightened your hair too much you ...
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