How to Fix a Broken Car Mirror?


You can fix a broken car mirror by replacing the mirror altogether. You could also replace the levers and clips that are holding the mirror in place. Finally, you could get them repaired at your local auto shop.
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1. Purchase a new mirror designed for your car. There are a number of websites that offer a selection of car mirrors, such as You can also pick one up from
1. Determine the problem with your horn. Identifying the type of broken car horn you have will help you decide how to approach the fix. Ad. 2. Pop the hood and have someone press
You will need a repair kit for an adjustable side view mirror for
This is a very common problem and it has only one real solution. Go to the used car parts yard (junkyard) and get another one to replace it. Anything else is a temporary repair. Source
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How to Fix a Broken Car Mirror
The side view mirrors on a car are delicate, and it doesn't take much to damage one. Professional auto repair shops might charge an arm and a leg to fix a broken mirror, but luckily ,it isn't hard to repair a car mirror on your own. With the proper... More »
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