How to Fix a Broken Flash Drive?


Many people put their valuable information that is on their computer on a flash drive. It is a very good idea to always back up your computer. If you have a flash drive with a lot of information on it, you need to be careful that the flash drive in kept safe. If the flash drive breaks, it is not easy to get to the information. One way to try to fix it is to hold the pins back while it is in the port. If you have a lot of valuable information on there and you cannot get it, you should take it to a professional.
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How to Fix a Broken Flash Drive
Flash drives, which may be carried in a pocket, work on any computer with a USB port. If a flash drive is affected by a virus or exposed to high temperatures, resulting in malfunction, formatting may erase any problems.... More »
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1. Place the flash drive into a computer's USB port. 2. Select "Control Panel" under the Windows "Start" logo, then "System and Security" and "Administrative
Step 1 You'll want to disassemble the flash drive with a small precision
To be honest there might not be a way to fix it yourself. If you open up the flash drive you will see that it has a USB connector mounted on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and that
Contact the manufacturer of the device to see how the flashmem is stored and what software they are using to store it.
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1. Plug the Memorex flash drive into any of the available USB ports on your computer. Click "Open a folder to view files" in the "Auto Play" ...
1. Plug the USB drive into any USB port on the computer. 2. Click "Start" Press "Run" if using Windows XP. 3. Type in "cmd" (in the ...
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