How to Fix a Broken TV?


Broken TV can't be fixed at home and it's risky too. So call a professional person or take the TV to local service center. List of service center is given in Manual.
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How to fix a broken TV will depend on what the problem is with the TV. You should first call the TV manufacturer and see if they have any repair manuals or troubleshooting manuals. If this is not an option, you should call the TV manufacturer and talk with a repair technician. The repair technician can assist you with your specific model.
A television is a complex machine with hundreds of different parts. The first step to fixing a broken TV is to discover why it is no longer working. If the television is small. consider taking it to a local repair shop for a free estimate. The repair technician will likely tell you what the TV needs to work again and, if you mechanically-inclined, you can then obtain the necessary part to fix it yourself. Another alternative is to telephone the toll-free number for the manufacturer listed in your manual. After diagnosing the problem, technical support may be able to tell you precisely what is needed for the repair. You can find more information here: common sense
Fixing a broken TV could end up costing a lot of money. It would be best to check out the price of a new one and see if it is worth your while to fix the one you have. You would have to know what it wrong with your TV to fix it or take it to a shoppe.
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