How to Fix a Busted Lip?


To fix a busted lip you will want to make sure that you apply a cold compress to it to bring down the swelling. You will want to lake sure that it does not get reopened or that it doesn't start to bleed again. With time this will heal.
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The best way to fix a busted lip is time. When the lip is first busted you can put an ice pack on it. This will stop any bleeding and may help control the swelling. Avoid eating foods with high amounts of salt for a few days. The split in the lip will scab over and heal on its own over time.
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Take some ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is great for helping reduce swelling which is likely to occur when getting dealing with lip pain. Place a bag of ice or some frozen bag of something
A busted lip means it has been injured. Apply ice as soon as possible to reduce swelling. If the split is the mouth is severe, stitches may be needed. Use antibiotic ointment on the
Make a cold compress. Apply the compress to your mouth for 10 minutes. It will numb the
1 Eat eat soup, ice cream, or beans ! 2 Don't go outside unless necessary; avoid anymore risks . 3 Don't panic . 4 When it first happens, clean it up . Hold ice up to it to stop the
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A busted lip is a condition when a child or adult gets hit with an object, or participates in a fight and it breaks the skin of the lip. The appearance of the ...
To heal a busted lip you can use ice and time. Apply the ice to the busted lip so that you can quell the bleeding. This will also help to stop the swelling that ...
Treatments to cure busted lip depend on the severity of the affected lip area. To help it heal faster, having a cold compress can help reduce its swelling. Antibiotic ...
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