How to Fix a Car Running Lean?


To fix a car that is running lean you must adjust the carburetor. This issue is caused by vehicle not getting enough fuel. This type of repair sometimes is just a lot of tinkering until it is adjusted perfectly to ensure the air to fuel ratio is 14 to 1. You can find more information here:
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A vehicle that is running lean is not receiving enough fuel. 14:1 is the perfect air to fuel ratio for combustion engines. Though it will take some tinkering to get the adjustment correct it can be done. You can find out more information here:
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you add salt in your oil.
Either the O2 sensor is telling the truth and the mixture IS lean, or the sensor is bad. If the mixture is lean, it's usually a vacuum leak. But it can also be a clogged fuel injector
Lean has been a term historically attached to efficient
Well you could raise float level or use bigger primary jets,that is if your carb is able to make the delivery and you were have between 4-7 psi from your fuel pump,and of course the
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