How to Fix a Car Running Rich?


To fix a car that is running rich you will first have to do some detective work to find out what the reason is. You can begin by checking the MAP sensor. Having a diagnostic test done can help. Once you determine the reason for the car running rich, you can then take steps to fix it.
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Well it really depends on whats wrong with your car. There are way to many ways that you can fix your car, for me to include all of them on here. Be more specific and send it back
If the carburetor has an adjustment screw for the lean/richness you can adjust it there. If the air cleaner is dirty or clogged replacing it might take care of the problem. If not
1. Open the tank and flush the toilet. This will allow you to see what is causing the toilet to continue running. 2. Ensure that the chain connecting the handle to the flapper isn't
1. Assess the overall damage to the car. Be careful to look thoroughly at the car in the proper light. Occasionally, hail damage is not discernible unless viewed at the correct angle
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