How do you fix a cracked dashboard?


There are several methods to fixing a cracked dashboard. You can purchase a vinyl repair kit at a local auto store and fix the crack your self. You can also take the vehicle to a mechanic and have them replace the dashboard.
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1. Wipe away any dust and debris on your dashboard with a clean rag. Refrain from using a protectant. Keep the dash dry and dust-free. 2. Fill the crack with the silicone caulk until
Don't use a vinyl repair kit. The kits will mess up your dash over time. Use a super glue for small cracks. Be sure to test the glue somewhere unnoticeable. For large cracks use silicone
1. Buy black fire cement from your local hardware store or online. 2. Allow your potbelly stove to cool if it's been in use. Then, remove any fuel from its body. 3. Wash the area
1. Sand down any rough areas around the crack. Use a medium grade of sandpaper and smooth out any rough edges around the crack. 2. Fill in the crack with wood filler. While you can
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How to Fix Cracks in Dashboards
Dashboards, which are made of vinyl, often crack over time. There are several culprits to blame, but the main one is the sun. Very large cracks can't usually be repaired and will require you to replace your entire dashboard. However, smaller cracks can... More »
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