How to Fix a Fireplace?


How you fix a fireplace depends on the fireplace. The most common thing that goes wrong with a fireplace is that the flu comes unhooked or sticks. This is easily fixed by looking into your chimney with a flashlight and rehooking the chain that connects the flu to the pull cord.
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1. Place a drop cloth in front of your fireplace, and then clean out the firebox with a broom and dustpan. 2. Clean the firebox floor and walls with plain water and old rags. Do not
Check first your gas fireplace for any possible leakage. Identify if the leakage is caused by a loosened part. If that's the case have the loosened area tightened.
contact the local gas appliance repair company. The most common problems are simple- a bad thermocouple, or blockage in air shutters. But our crystal ball is in the shop for repairs
This has happened to me in the past, but no more. I set up the firebox with the typical fire making things such as paper, kindeling and logs, in that order, bottom to top. I get a
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To fix electric fireplace requires screwdriver, vacuum cleaner and lubricant, turn off the electric fireplace and unplug its switch from the wall outlet. Study ...
To fix marble fireplaces, start by ensuring the floor and walls are level and remove the skirting board. Next, mark on the central position where you would like ...
How to fix your gas fireplace depends largely on what is wrong with it. If you do not get a flame, make sure the pilot light is lit and there is gas flowing to ...
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