What is the best way to fix a hole in the ceiling?


To fix a hole in the ceiling you can apply any sealant. Sealants will help fill the gap in the ceiling. Another way is to ask the advise of a carpenter who can surely help you in finding the best way fix the hole in the ceiling.
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1. Purchase a container of premixed spackle or drywall joint compound and a roll of adhesive mesh tape if you have any holes larger than a dime to be patched. 2. Strip away any raised
We fix holes in drywall in the ceiling by placing a piece of wood like a shim or other piece of scrap wood through the hole. This would be placed across the hole so that it could
1. Remove any dirt or debris from the crack or hole by brushing it away with a stiff paintbrush. If only a soft paintbrush is available, cut the bristles so they are only about 2
1. Bend any ragged areas of the hole straight using the hammer. This will prevent cuts when you're inside the cargo trailer. You can wait to do this until the patch is in place, but
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How to Fix Holes in a Ceiling
Patching walls in ceilings requires the same technique as walls. It is complicated slightly by the fact that you are working over your head. A little practice will put you on top of the process. Here are the techniques to help you out.... More »
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