How to Fix a Hole in the Ceiling?


To fix a hole in the ceiling you can apply any sealant. Sealants will help fill the gap in the ceiling. Another way is to ask the advise of a carpenter who can surely help you in finding the best way fix the hole in the ceiling.
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1. Purchase a container of premixed spackle or drywall joint compound and a roll of adhesive mesh tape if you have any holes larger than a dime to be patched. 2. Strip away any raised
1. Prepare a container of spackle. Many brands of spackle or putty come premixed in disposable containers, and can just be opened and used. Drywall compounds are also available that
We fix holes in drywall in the ceiling by placing a piece of wood like a shim or other piece of scrap wood through the hole. This would be placed across the hole so that it could
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