How do you fix a Hotpoint washing machine?


There are many problems that may affect a Hotpoint washing machine. For instance, if the machine appears to be completely dead and will not work, start by making sure that the machine is connected to a live socket. You can test it by plugging in another appliance like a radio to see if it is working. Make sure that you are using the right extension and that the machine door is locked at the three o'clock position before switching it on. If the machine keeps switching itself off, ensure that it is not on Standby mode. You can also call a technician for repairs.
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Electricity powers a Hotpoint washing machine’s control switch. If a washing machine isn’t plugged in or its power cord is damaged, the control switch won’t operate
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How do I Fix a Hotpoint Washing Machine?
Hotpoint has been manufacturing domestic washing machines since the early 20th century. Generations of families have used the company's laundry equipment to keep clothes, bedding and towels in pristine condition. As of 2010, the brand remains popular and... More »
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