How to Fix a Loose Banister?


After time, a banister can wobble and become loose. How to fix a loose banister. Screws must be replaced in loose banisters. Often times by replacing screws or tightening loose screws the banister will become tight again.
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1. Insert a 3/4-inch diameter spade bit into a power drill and place the tip of the bit at the base of the loose post on the outside of the staircase. Line the bit up so that the
Unfortunately there is no easy fix that will last. If it is a safety issue , there is little choice but to make substantial repairs which may mean taking the railimgs down & reassembling
It depends on what the problem is.
go out and get some gorilla glue dude. it will hold a semi from a fishing line. or: lick it. a lot.
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A person can fix a wobbly banister by hammering nails through the spindle. A paint scraper should be inputted into the joint of return. A pilot hole also needs ...
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