How to Fix a Playstation 2?


Sony recommends that users call to obtain an authorization code to return their playstation 2 consoles for authorized warranty, and out of warranty repairs. There are also several 3rd party service providers on the web who will repair the playstation 2 game console for a fee. For more information look here:;
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How to Fix a Playstation 2
The most common reason people need to fix a Playstation 2 is because of a disc read error. To repair the problem you have to get inside your PS2 and clean the eye and the mirror, and position the starting point correctly.... More »
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There are various ways to fix a PlayStation 2 depending on the specific problem. However, you may want a professional to do this to avoid further damage.
1. Take apart your Playstation 2 by removing about seven screws on the bottom of your gaming console. After they have been taken out, detach the top half of your PS2 and you'll be
If something is wrong with your PS2, you can have it serviced by Sony. Visit
If your disc isn't reading, you can try cleaning it. If it is scratched up, then you can try to find a disc cleaner (Eg: Disc Doctor) The Disc Doctor can be bought at some electronic
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To fix a Playstation you will need to contact Sony and send your console to them. they will fix your Playstation and send it back to you. To fix yourself, try ...
Before you attempt to fix your PlayStation 3 yourself, check out the troubleshooting section of your manual. If that doesn't help or if you no longer have your ...
To fix your PlayStation 2 you will need a step by step guide. The guides are available online for purchase and even includes diagrams to help. ...
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