How to Fix a PS3 That Keeps Freezing?


A PS3 is the name of a gaming system made by Playstation. The PS3 is the newest version of their gaming systems available for purchase. If you have a PS3 that keeps freezing up, one way you can try to fix the PS3 is by turning off the system. Sometimes it is just good to restart certain electronics. You should also check your Internet connection to make sure it is not what the machine keeps freezing up.
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1. Go to the official Sony PlayStation 3 update website and download the latest PS3 software update. Each update that Sony releases fixes bugs and adds new features. 2. Connect a
sometimes the system won't tell you what's wrong so just in case I say get a air spray and clean it out. obviously make sure the games aren't scratched, or dirty. most likley the
It's probably your ps3's bluray player. You have to send it to sony to get it fixed. If it only happens on a particular game then you probably need to wait for an update on that game
Turn off the information bar, if that doesn't work then reboot the system. This is a
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