How can a punctured lung be repaired?


A punctured lung, also called pneumothorax, is repaired through the use of oxygen and a chest tube, which gets rid of air that accumulates between the inside of the chest and the outside of the lung, states FreeMD. Severe traumatic pneumothorax may require surgery to repair the damaged lung.

According to, a punctured lung occurs when an injury damages the delicate lining that surrounds the lung, causing air and gas to collect within the cavity surrounding the lungs.

A chest tube, oxygen therapy, intravenous fluids and needle thoracostomy are specific treatments for a traumatic pneumothorax, says FreeMD. A flexible tube is inserted via the chest wall, with one end of the tube residing in the space between the chest’s inner region and the lung’s outside area, and the other end attached to a suction pump. This pump removes air that collects abnormally. A needle thoracostomy involves placing a needle through the chest wall, with the end positioned in the space between the inner area of the chest wall and the outside of the lung. This enables air to escape from the space. notes that in cases where the excess air and gas put pressure on the lung, a syringe is used to extract the air from within the cavity.

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Use conservative treatment for asymptomatic patients. They increase the re-absorption
1. Seek professional medical treatment immediately. Only physicians or highly-trained emergency medical personnel can properly diagnose a punctured lung. They will look for certain
If you think you have punctured a lung, you need to go to the hospital immediately to have this treated. You cannot treat this at home, and if you do not seek medical attention immediately
I would talk to a surgeon or email a doctor in your area.
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