How to Fix a Punctured Lung?


It is a very serious matter if a person has a punctured lung. If you have a punctured lung, you will need to seek medical attention immediately. If you go too long with a punctured lung, you could die and probably will. Most times with a punctured lung, you will have to go to the hospital immediately because you will be in severe pain. You will not be able to move around with a punctured lung. While you are in the hospital, in order to fix the lung, the doctors will require you to lay in bed and not move. They may also have to do surgery.
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Use conservative treatment for asymptomatic patients. They increase the re-absorption
1. Seek professional medical treatment immediately. Only physicians or highly-trained emergency medical personnel can properly diagnose a punctured lung. They will look for certain
A puncture of the lung will often lead to a lung collapse. The diaphragm increases the volume of the chest cavity. If air rushes into the chest cavity from a leaking lung, the cavity
I would talk to a surgeon or email a doctor in your area.
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