How do I fix a scratched PS2 game?


A scratched PS2 game can be recovered by cleaning its plastic surface. If the CD is still giving reading errors after cleaning, just polish the CD with toothpaste. Put toothpaste on the disc surface and apply it all over the scratches. Rinse with water, and then dry it with a clean cloth.
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1. Rinse the game disc with warm water. With a clean cloth, wipe the disc from the center to the edge in straight lines. Do not move in a circular motion. This can further damage
You replace the scratched game with a working game. Why would you think some cleaner could remove scratches. Most of the time professional polishing machines can not restore a bad
To fix a ps2 you want to first look at the manual that came with the ps2. If you can't troubleshoot with the manual you want to contact you local gaming store and see if they do repair
Go to the closest game shop. They probably have a kind of polishing tool that removes scratches from CD surfaces. You can also buy such a machine. If you frequently scratch your CDs
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How to Fix Scratches on PS2 Games
PlayStation 2 games can get damaged and scratched from use or if they are not put away properly. Scratches can cause the discs not to work. You can buy a machine that will buff out the scratches on a game discs surface, which will work best. However, if... More »
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You can fix your scratched Ps2 games by using a Memorex OptiFix Pro device. This device comes with its own adapter and is an automated clean and repair system. You can also achieve the same by washing the disc with water, applying a layer of toothpaste and finally wiping out the paste in a motion away from the discs centre.
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To clean a scratched PS2 game you want to start by breathing hot air on it. Then using a soft shirt, wipe the PS2 game clean. If the scratches are too deep, this ...
To fix a scratched ps2 disk with toothpaste, first fill the sink with warm water, add a bit of detergent and dip the disk in the water then move it around. Rinse ...
Everyone with a PS2 has undoubtedly dealt with a scratched disc. Fortunately, if this does happen to you, there is a common household solution that is effective ...
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