How to Fix a Soup That You Have Too Much Onion in?


One can fix soup after they have put too much onion in it by adding more of the other ingredients to try to drown out the taste of the onion. You can also try adding tomatoes or tomato sauce to the soup, if they work with the recipe.
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1. Pour four cups of water into the pot. Set the pot onto a burner on the stove. 2. Turn the heat up on the stove. Mix in the packaged ingredients. Stir well to mix in the dry packaged
By adding more of the other ingredients - this will dilute the amount of onion in your soup. You can also try to overpower the taste with spices, but that might just make the whole
Well, if the onions are still firm, drain the soup, refry the onions and start again. The old water will have absorbed the ickyness of raw onion so get rid. If they're kinda mushy
If you're making a cream based soup, try adding a bit more milk
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To fix salty soup you have to insert more a salted water to the soup. Boil it thoroughly until the soup is no more salted. Add a simple sliced tomato to the soup ...
If too much pepper is accidentally added to a recipe, here are quick fixes. Add lemon juice to the mix to dilute the pepper. Or, add a peeled potato to the recipe ...
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