How to Fix a Squeaky Box Spring?


There is only one way to fix a squeaky box spring other than replacing it. Flip the box spring over and cut open the dust cover on the bottom. Spray all the springs with WD40 spray. Then secure the dust cover with duct tape, or re-staple it to the edge.
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1. Remove the mattress from the box spring. 2. Check all screws and bolts. If any are loose, tighten them as much as possible with the screwdriver and pliers. Be careful not to strip
Oil the spring
If your shoes are leather, a good coating or rubbing of neetsfoot oil will do the job. If not, tryputting corn starch or baby powder in and under the inside sole.
Try some wd40, see if that helps first. Plywood, may help a little. Good for your back anyway!
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How to Fix a Squeaky Box Spring
In our fast-paced world with cell phones and email alerts, a little uninterrupted rest is hard to come by. Squeaky beds can rob us of what precious little rest we find. The primary culprits of a squeaky bed are loose hardware and grinding metal. These... More »
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