How to Fix a Stuck Sunroof?


Fixing a stuck sunroof can be an easy fix. First, find some WD-40 or something similar. Spray it along the tracks of the sunroof, and use a bit of force to see if it wiggles back to it's correct positiion.
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1. Turn the ignition on. Insert the key into the ignition of the vehicle and turn to the "On" position. The moonroof will not function unless power is being supplied to
Your sunroof has a stipped plastic gear in the sunroof motor assembly. Access your motor by prying out your overhead light assembly. Remove the exposed screws and slide the plastic
The roof slides along a channel actuated by a coiled cord. Both of the cords pass along a gear attached to the Sunroof motor which pulles the cord tooth by tooth. There are two plastic
1. Pull the fabric out from behind the zipper. Ad. 2. Tug hard. 3. Put vaseline on the zipper to make it run smoothly. Ad.
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