How do I fix a tape measure?


If you have a broken tape measure you can always fix it with a piece of tape. You can also cut the tape measure off at a starting point and just measure from there. For instance if you have to cut it off at the 11 inch marker, just subtract 11 inches from everything you measure.
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1. Use the proper screwdriver-either Philips or slotted-to remove the holding screw that secures the two halves of the case together. 2. Carefully separate the two halves of the case
It is very easy to use a measuring tape. You should start with the end of the tape and place it at the beginning of the location you would like to measure. You can then stretch out
The best way to fix a measuring tape you pulled out too much is to gently nudge it back into place. The internal spring will begin to pull back once it has reached a threshold.
1. Spread epoxy glue or rubber cement over the hole or rip in the air mattress and allow it to dry completely. The time required to cure depends on the type of adhesive. 2. Cut a
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How to Fix a Tape Measure
Tape measures work like magic -- until they bind and stop working. Retractable tape measures use a flat metal spring wound around a spindle in the center of the tape. The ruler or blade attaches to the end of the spring. Problems arise typically from a... More »
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The first step in fixing a tape measure is to unscrew the sides that are holding the sides of the tape measure together. Second, make sure that remove the two outer sides very slowly. Now make sure that you see six pieces of of metal that are now external. Third, you will now connect the ruler potion of the device to the end of the coil spring by simply twisting this part sideways. Fourth, while making sure that the ruler portion of the device is side up, place the second plastic piece of the device onto the very top of the coiled spring. Make usure that you press down onto the center of the portion that is directly above the posting.Fifth, you will need to place the top cover portion onto the device extremely quicly so that it does not snap. Then make sure that you place the other portion of the cover onto the device, and now the tape measure is fixed.
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How you fix a broken tape measure depends on what is wrong with it. If it is torn, you can use tape to fix it. If it won't pull out or roll up, you can take the ...
A person can read the tape measure for dummies by locating the inches and the half inches. The quarter of inches can also be read. ...
A spring of the retractable tape measures on the inside of the casing usually supplies all the power that these devices need. When the tape itself is pulled, the ...
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