How to Fix a Turkey?


Remove turkey from wrapper and pull out the bag inside. Rinse the bird off very well. Place turkey in a roasting pan and set to the right temperature. Roast for the appropriate number of hours according to the directions.
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Prep: Peel and dice the onion and set aside. Pull all the meat off the bones of the turkey/chicken. This should be fairly easy as generally it's the breast meat that remains and it
Buy a new pot. Buying a new pot is probably a good idea in most cases. However, you may want to save the fryer or other cooking pot for various reasons. Before running out to buy
The first step is to thaw the turkey. Once thawed, remove the giblets, and stuff with
Wash your turkey good then pat dry. Inside butter it good and salt it, take and apple slice half into and put inside the turkey, then put your stuffing in it. Butter the outside and
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