How do you fix bad highlights?


There are a few things that you can do to fix bad highlights but ultimately you should let a professional take care of the job. You can choose to go a shade darker until the highlights grow out. You can try using a hair color remover but you should seek advice from a hairdresser first.
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Good blond highlights can take 10 years off your face and brighten your skin tone. Bad blond highlights do exactly the opposite and more. Highlighting your hair is like any art form
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1. Purchase Colorzap from any beauty supply shop or drugstore. 2. Put on old clothes and plastic or latex gloves to protect your skin from the chemicals. 3. Mix the activator liquid
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How to Fix Bad Hair Highlights
If you highlight your own hair, you may have had an "oh no!" moment. Perhaps you left the dye on your hair for too long or maybe it wasn't long enough. You may have used the wrong color or mixed the ingredients improperly. Whatever the reason, you... More »
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It is best to go to a professional salon to have bad hair highlights fixed. This is better than trying to fix it on your own. You may end up making it worse. The ...
Highlights are a way to bring a little life to your normal hair color. When you get a bad highlight job then you need a quick repair. Depending on the color of ...
To fix bad hair color, you will need to remove the previous color. You can redye in a darker or lighter color, or add highlights. ...
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