How do you fix banging radiator pipes?


There doesn't seem to be a real fix for banging radiator pipes. You can try elevating the end of the radiator opposite the pipe, for better water return. You can also replace the steam valve, which could get quite expensive, depending on how many radiators you have.
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1. Locate the exact spot where the pipes are banging by running the oil burner and listening for noise. Mark the location of the noise with a piece of colored tape so you can find
Aug 23, 2013
1 Know the signs of a radiator leak. Low coolant levels are a sure-fire sign that you've got a leak on your hands. It's important to check coolant levels every once in a while. Top
1. Turn off the water supply to the leaking copper pipe. Turning the water shut-off valve's handle counterclockwise closes the valve. 2. Open a sink faucet or hose bib to drain the
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How to Fix Banging Radiator Pipes
That clanking, rattling noise in your steam radiator's pipes is caused by hot water improperly traveling through the pipes after the radiator is heated. The banging sound is a common occurrence for older radiators, as radiators usually sit on top of... More »
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