How do you fix a digital scale?


There are many people that have at least one kind of scale in their home. The scale can be for food or for humans. With the coming of age of technology, many of the scales are digital. If you are having problems with your digital scale, the first thing and most obvious thing that you need to check in order to fix it is to check your battery. This may seem too obvious but it is a common problem that people do not check for.
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To calibrate a pocket scale you will first need to wash it. Turn on the scale and let it reset to zero, press the mode button until you are in the calibration mode and use your calibration
1. Place your scale on a level surface, turn it off and enter the programming menu. This is often done by holding down a "Setup" or "Menu" button while simultaneously
To fix a digital scale, first you want to wipe it clean. Press down the
Trash it and never buy a Homedics again! Had 2 scales and customer service is of no help.
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How to Fix a Digital Scale
There are many uses for digital scales. You may have one in the bathroom to keep track of your weight, especially if you're trying to shed a few pounds. Or maybe you keep a small scale in the kitchen to weigh produce or other food items you plan to... More »
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To calibrate your digital scale, you need to have your scale on a flat surface with nothing on it, then reset it to zero to calibrate it. This is the only way ...
Digital scales use strain gauge technology. They work by taking the weight of an item and evenly distributing the force of the weight to one end of a load cell ...
There are plenty of online merchandisers which carry this product, including:,, and May general and super ...
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