How to Fix Dilated Pupils?


The condition of dilated pupils is called Mydriasis. Fixed and dilated pupils occur in a person after trauma, stroke, or previous intracranial surgery. The best course of action is to consult with a doctor.
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drug- brain injury. stroke _trauma.
There are a lot of different types of drugs both illegal and legal that can dilate the pupils. You have inhalants, sedative hypnotic, and narcotics that has this effects.You can find
Corneal flash burns and sinus infections can both cause a fixed dilated pupil. !
Dilated pupils in a cat can indicate their mood. When a cat is fearful or aggressively excited, its pupils will dilate. Additionally, your cat's eyes may also dilate as a way to express
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A blown pupil seems to be larger than usual. This is sometimes referred to as a fixed or a dilated pupil. The pupil does not respond to light in any way. ...
Dilated pupils are pupils that are enlarged. The pupils tend to be prolonged and this is usually caused by a drug or a disease. The dilation of pupils can be referred ...
Dilated pupils are pupils that are expanded beyond their usual size. In the dark the pupils generally expand, however, they also expand when drugs or alcohol are ...
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