How to Fix Done but with Errors on Page?


When I get a website and it says 'done but with errors on page', I just reload or refresh the page. Afterwards, it loads correctly. Sometimes though, the problem is with the actual webpage and no amount of refreshing will fix it.
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1. Enter the Properties window. Click on the Start menu. Right click on the "Computer" button, and left click on the "Properties" tab that appears at the bottom
It depends - Sometimes there's an inconsistancy between the scripting language and the browser (ie: someone scripted for Netscape, but you're using IE,) and other times, it's just
How can I upload pictures onto a site? I try but I get a message saying "done but with errors on page.
1 Run the most recent version javascript. Ad 2 Adjust settings in the browser. 3 Click on tools in IE7. 4 Open Internet Options and click on security tab, then custom level. 5 Shut
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If the web-page for Hotmail shoes 'done' but there are errors on the page, try reloading and refreshing the page. This can be done by pressing 'F5'. If this does ...
The message may pop up if there is an error in the Web page's coding. This happens when the programmer forgets to tell the computer that a line of code has ended ...
This error usually only shows up in Internet Explorer and it mainly has to do with JavaScript. If the Web site you’re trying to view uses JavaScript, ...
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