How do you fix an electric fireplace?


To fix electric fireplace requires screwdriver, vacuum cleaner and lubricant, turn off the electric fireplace and unplug its switch from the wall outlet. Study the base of the fireplace for loose hardware connections that may be responsible for the squeaking sound. Examine the blower for accumulated dirt that could be responsible for the noise. Scrutinize the tubes that connect different components of the electric fireplace and identify any that are bent. Eradicate the screws that hold the fireplace's back panel in place, exposing the main rod. Eliminate screws that hold the access panel to the fireplace, exposing the fan belt.
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1. Look to see if the electric fireplace actually produces heat or if it is just an image on a screen. Some electric fireplaces recreate the illusion of fire without generating heat
Is there voltage going to it? If so, then it would probably be cheaper to replace than to repair. Also, finding the problem and then trying to find parts would be a pain.
Very little of the energy that goes to the electric fireplaces is wasted. However, as a heat source there are better, more efficient sources of heat.
1. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the vehicle's battery. 2. Disconnect the electrical connector at the cooling fan: Pry up the single tab on the electrical connector using
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