How to Fix Hot Tub Jets?


When you want to fix a hot tube jet first, look at the power and circuit breaker to find out if the problem might be coming from a blown fuse. If the fuse is blown replace it and if it keeps on blowing then you might have a wiring problem. Examine the heater element if the GFCI keeps tripping and look for corrosion, burns and pinholes. A heater element that's damaged will short out due to water intrusion, causing the GFCI to trip and should this be the problem, the heater element will need to be replaced.
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1. Check the outer ring of the jet for each jet. Make sure the ring is turned all the way to the left, as a ring turned to the right will no longer operate. This is the most common
1 Drill a 3/8 hole as far into the damaged foam as possible. Do this from both ends and do it lev
Trying to find a leak in a hot tub is not very easy to do. First look for the leak around the pump. Make sure there is no water under it. If you do not want to tear into the system,
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Video Transcript. I'm Kristen McDowell with VivoPools and VivoSpas in Southern California, and I'm going to tell you how to repair a hot tub jet. Most hot tub ...
To remove hot tub jets turn them counter clockwise. If they are hard to turn you may have to use some lubricant. Once you turn them enough they should just pop ...
1. Turn off power to your hot tub. It’s not necessary to drain your hot tub to replace a jet insert, although you may get a bit wet, depending on where the ...
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