Indesit Washing Machines?


The best way to fix an Indesit washing machine is by hiring a professional repair person who will be able to diagnose the fault and perform the necessary repair. Some of the recognised repair companies that repair this type of equipment are Domestic & General which is the UK's largest appliance repair network. They only use Indesit engineers and brand new spare parts to repair Indesit washing machines. Their repairs come with a flexible monthly payment option and added protection against further repairs.
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There are some things on your washer that you can repair yourself. Visit to figure out what is wrong and to get tips on how to repair your
1. Check if the washer will not run and will not make any noise at all, or if the washer makes a lot of noise, but still won't work. Check to see if the washer is securely plugged
Well it depends on what's wrong with your washing machine. If it has stopped spinning, then it is more than likely the belt. Yep, they do have a belt. Remove the front panel and you'll
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The bearings of an Indesit washing machine are located in a very easy to remove back plate. To access them, one should remove all the nuts that fix them to the ...
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