How do I fix my InSinkErator?


An insinkerator is also known as a garbage disposal. If it is not working properly, look under the sink and loosen the insinkerator. Turn on the cold water and the insinkerator. Listen to the sound it makes. If it sounds normal, retighten the unit.
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There are common problems that can occur with an Insinkerator or garbage disposal. If the disposal is leaking, check near the sink flange. A leak here is typically caused by lack of plumber?s putty. Force putty between the sink flange and the disposal wiping off excess putty. If the disposal is draining slow, there is probably a clog or obstruction in the line. Disconnect the disposal and check the line for a clog. If there is no clog, then it is possible that the clog is farther back in the pipes. Do not use chemical drain cleaners as they can damage the garbage disposal.

To fix your food disposer in your sink you'll have to remove it from the sink and inspect to see if anything is jamming it from spinning. Otherwise, you'll have to replace the motor. You can find more info at:
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