How to Fix My Smith Corona Typewriter?


The Smith Corona typewriter is an old fashioned typewriter that was made in the 1920s. How to fix your typewriter depends on what is wrong with it. It may be best to take it to a professional.
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How to Fix Your Smith Corona Typewriter
Having an old Smith-Corona typewriter is a great way of creatively writing without the need for electricity. While writing, you won't be distracted by computer games or the urge to surf the Web, and you don't have to plug into a printer to produce your... More »
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1. Tap each key individually to see if any stick or do not hit the ribbon properly. If you find one that sticks, slightly and gently bend the arm from the key head. Tap the key again
My Smith Corona typewriter is worth about 2,500. its antique.
Smith Corona is a corporation focused on producing typ
Please include a model number and type because Smith Corona has
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Before you can set the tabs on your manual Smith Corona typewriter you will need to know what model typewriter you are using. This number will be located on the ...
Check out might be of some value to guide you through the various Smith-Corona typewriters. Model 11 is not specifically listed, but the ...
smith corona 100. ...
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