How to Fix NTLDR?


The most common NTLDR problem is an error message when your system starts up: 'NTLDR is missing. Press any key to restart.' This is the result of either the NTLDR file being corrupt or deleted, or because Windows tries to boot on a drive other than the drive Windows is installed in due to a mistable change in the drive configuration.

There is software available to help resolve this problem, but you can also use the Windows Recovery Console intended for more advanced users (both solutions in the ref link). For more information look here: Description of the Windows XP Recovery Console for advanced users;
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1. Locate your Windows XP/2000 installation disc and place it in your CD/DVD ROM drive. If you don't have this disk, then you cannot proceed further. 2. Restart your computer. 3.
When you got your computer, it should have come with an installation disk. Simply put that disk into your computer and restart. Press any key to have it boot to disk. Then follow
what i do after this? what I have to do, repair windows OR what?
Boot from Windows XP CD Select into boot menu "Restore Console" or smth like that copy X:\i386\ntdlr C:\ copy X:\i386\ C:\ Type this commands (X - is a letter
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When you get the message Ntldr missing, it could mean two things. The obvisouls there are files missing, and two if you placed the drive into another computer ...
1. Insert the CD or DVD into the drive and reboot the machine. When you're prompted, press any key to boot into the installation menu. 2. Press R" on the ...
1. Insert the installation CD into your computer's drive and reboot. When the DOS prompt asks if you want to boot from the CD, press Enter. The first Windows installation ...
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