How to Fix Play in Steering Wheel?


In order to fix play in your steering wheel you will have to fix the ball joints or some other loose part in your suspension, such as a tie rod. Play in the steering wheel is caused by a faulty or loose suspension part.
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1. Mix equal parts of water, rubbing alcohol, ammonia and acetone together in a spray bottle. Cover the dash board with a sheet to protect the interior of the car. Spray the steering
Learning how to remove a steering wheel is tougher than it used to be. When you're working on a late model vehicle, you have the air bag from the front of the wheel. This will be
Most likely cause is out of balance wheels. Get your wheels balanced by your garage or tyre specialist.
It is a number of things it could be. Tie rod ends, idler arm, pitman arm, gear box. Best to have a auto tech check it out.
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On some vehicles the adjustment can be make by locating the steering box and then there is a bolt adjustment. There are other problems that affect steering play like worn tie rod ends or ball joints. You may also need to remove the steering column to adjust a bolt that leads to the U joint. It depends on the reason for the extra play.
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