How do you fix shoes that are too big?


In order to fix shoes that are too big, simply place a lift or support on the inside sole of the shoe. You also could issue tissue paper into the toe section of the shoe. Lastly, wearing thicker socks can also do the trick.
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If you have bought a pair of shoes that are too big in the heels, that may be because you have differences in the size of your feet, or the shoes just don't fit properly. However,
If your shoes are leather, a good coating or rubbing of neetsfoot oil will do the job. If not, tryputting corn starch or baby powder in and under the inside sole.
1. Stuff your shoes with tissue. The good thing about this method is that you can take care of a shoe problem basically anywhere. The bad thing is that it really only works for close-toed
I would say exchange them, But if you don't want to do that, I would say use a couple of DR. Scholls inserts. I have done this myself. Much better than toliet paper. Yuck. LOL. Anyways
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It is not a good thing when you find out that you buy your shoes too big. There are no quick fix for this problem. You can wear extra socks or insert some tissue papers to fill the space but that won't totally solve the problem. The best thing is if you can have the shoes replaced with the proper size.
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To fit into shoes that are too big, add some material to the inside of the shoe to fill out the extra space between the foot and the shoe. Depending on the type ...
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