How do you fix shoes that are too big?


In order to fix shoes that are too big, simply place a lift or support on the inside sole of the shoe. You also could issue tissue paper into the toe section of the shoe. Lastly, wearing thicker socks can also do the trick.
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1. Detach the elastic from the shoe using a seam ripper. Work from the inside of the shoe if possible, so that your work is not noticeable upon completion. 2. Pull the elastic tighter
1 Stuff your shoes with tissue or shoe pads The good thing about this method is that you can take care of a shoe problem basically anywhere. The bad thing is that it really only works
Yesterday I bought a pair of skate shoes I've been dreaming of for a while. Only that I bought them 1 size bigger. I wear size 8, and these shoes are size 9. I didn't notice when
1. Download a DVD image editing program. Image editing programs allow you to change an ISO file's size or create a new ISO image from the original disc that is compressed as it is
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It is not a good thing when you find out that you buy your shoes too big. There are no quick fix for this problem. You can wear extra socks or insert some tissue papers to fill the space but that won't totally solve the problem. The best thing is if you can have the shoes replaced with the proper size.
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