How to Fix Squeaky Garage Door?


The fastest and easiest way to fix a squeaky garage door is by spraying WD-40 in the running guides of the door. Take a sprayer and squirt all through the guides and the runners. Open and close your garage doors several time until it stops squeaking. If that doesn't work call a garage door repair man for possible replacement of some parts.
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1. Put on eye protection. Spray the main spring above the garage door with the silicone lubricant. Spray the hinges which connect the different pieces of the garage door together.
There are many ways that you can fix a garage door. The key to fixing it however is doing a thorough check and figuring out just what is the problem.
1. Check to ensure that the cord is plugged into a live electrical plug. Ad. 2. Wait 15 minutes for the motor to cool and test again. 3. Test the sensor beam to ensure that it is
spray hinges with wd40.
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How to Fix a Squeaky Garage Door
If your garage door sounds like a freight train every time you open or close it, it's probably time for some lubricant. Fixing a squeaky garage door requires the application of a silicone lubricant spray on the spring, hinges, wheels and wheel tracks.... More »
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