How to Fix Too Much Vinegar in Recipe?


To fix too much vinegar in a recipe you could try adding more potatoes to the dish. Other ingredients that work as well include honey, brown sugar, or lemon zest. Another option would include making a second batch of the same dish and omit the vinegar. You can then mix both batches together.
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Simple! Add 2 cups of flour, regardless of the recipe, or type of food. This will soak up all the unnecessary vinegar that you stupidly added. You're welcome, good day.
1. Add a can of tomatoes if your chili tastes too strongly of vinegar. Mix tomatoes in with large stirring spoon and simmer chili for 15 minutes. 2. Add brown sugar to chili. Pour
add more of the other ingredients. sounds delicious.
To counteract too much vinegar in a recipe try doubling
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If you have too much vinegar no problem! Add some salt and 1 tbs of brown sugar and mix or cook for 2 minutes. The too much vinegar should be fixed!
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