How to Fix Warped Wood?


You can fix warped wood by turning it over to the other side. Place something heavy on top of the wood and let it sit in the sun for a few days or until it straightens out.
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1. Lay damp towels or other heavy cloths on top of the warped boards for 48 hours. 2. Drill a series of holes in each plank this is warped. The holes should be spaced 3 inches apart
Observe the size of the warp you want to fix to determine which method to begin with.
1 Go to your local hardware store and pick up two sheets of standard uncut replacement pane glass. Try to find the smallest piece available that measures at least 20" X 20"
1. Use a putty knife to apply exterior wood filler to minor cracks, holes or gouges in tongue and groove siding. Work the filler into holes, and smear some excess product over the
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How to Fix Warped Wood Flooring
Wood floors usually become warped because of water damage, although too much sunlight can also cause boards to warp. Water causes the wood to expand and shrink. Over the course of time this will lead to warping. Many floor boards that are warped will... More »
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Sometimes you can fix warped wood by placing it between two heavy objects. If it's a board that is warped, wet it, and sandwich it between two heavy objects. Let it dry completely before removing it.
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