How do you flare copper tubing?


To flare copper tubing, you'll need a copper tubing flaring tool. The flare is determined by how much tubing you have sticking out of the holder. You have to make sure the tubing is held securely and then turn the conical part of the tool.
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1. Determine the size of the copper tubing that you want to flare by measuring its diameter. 2. Insert the copper tubing into the part of the copper tubing flaring tool that holds
1 Take the copper tubing that you intend to bend. Ad 2 Fill it with dry sand. Fill the tubing completely. Cap the ends of the tubing with duct tape or similar, to prevent leaks of
Copper tubing that is underground must be one complete piece.No connectors,no repairs.All fittings must be above ground.Also all underground copper tubing must be plastic coated to
That all just depends on how much! but usually between 50-100
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How to Flare Copper Tubing
If you need to connect copper tubing to another tube, you'll have to flare the end of it so that it doesn't slide away from the connector. You can only flare flexible copper---the kind that can be bent to maneuver it around curves and corners. Flaring... More »
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