How to Flash a Mobile Phone?


The best way to flash a mobile phone is to connect your phone to your computer using certain equipment. This connection will rewrite your phone's PRL file. The following provide a list of equipment needed to flash a mobile phone:
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To unlock a mobile phone you will need to find the software program that will walk you through the programming. This program is an illegal type program and should not be purchased.
1. Enter *06# into your phone's keypad. Press the "SEND-CALL" button. This phone number gives you the 15-digit IMEI number. Write it down. 2. Call Straight Talk at 877-430
It cant be done...T-mobile is a GSM provider and Metro PCS is a CDMA provider it isnt possible to get a GSM device to operate on a CDMA network.
1. Go online and browse selections of reconditioned phones. The first website to visit is the website of your current cell phone service provider. Search for reconditioned cell phones
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How to Flash Mobile Phones
Cell phones require a software operating system, much like a computer, which can be updated to install new features and bug fixes. The process has become known as "flashing," as the software is stored in flash memory within the cell phone. Flashing can... More »
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