How to Flash a Mobile Phone?


The best way to flash a mobile phone is to connect your phone to your computer using certain equipment. This connection will rewrite your phone's PRL file. The following provide a list of equipment needed to flash a mobile phone:
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Two cell phone technologies, GSM and CDMA, dominate global cell phone service as of May 2011. In theory, GSM technology is the most flexible of the two, allowing users to switch networks
This really depends on who your carrier is or who the carrier is that you wish to go to. All you need to do first is to get the software from your new company. Download the software
It cant be done.T-mobile is a GSM provider and Metro PCS is a CDMA provider it isn't possible to get a GSM device to operate on a CDMA network. Camster626.
1. Dial 011, the international access code. 2. Dial 91, the country code for India. 3. Dial the zone code assigned to the cell phone. 4. Dial the cell phone number you wish to reach
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How to Flash Mobile Phones
Cell phones require a software operating system, much like a computer, which can be updated to install new features and bug fixes. The process has become known as "flashing," as the software is stored in flash memory within the cell phone. Flashing can... More »
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