How to Flatten Glass Bottles?


To flatten glass bottles you should place the bottle in an oven, and sprinkle salt on the tray of the oven. The oven should run at 93.3 degrees for about 2 hours, and then you turn the heat up to 260 degrees for 10 hours. Turn down the temperature back to 93.3 degrees to cool it for like 10 hours.
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1. Move the toaster oven to open counter space so that no sides of the oven are in contact with any object. Place the metal tray into the oven and sprinkle a teaspoon of salt on the
1 Take the bottle and place it in a support that allows you to rotate it, but prevents it from tipping . The support should be horizontal and should give free accessibility to the
When flattened, the edging on bottle caps rolls up and create neat looking ruffled edges like a frame. To flatten the bottle cap evenly, place it, top side up, on a hard surface.
1. Attach the string tightly about 0,3 inches (1 cm) below where you want your jar to be cut. Then cut the useless pieces of string hanging from the knot. Ad. 2. Put alcohol on the
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