How to Fold a Dollar into a Flower?


Folding a dollar bill into a flower can usually be done in as little as ten steps or less. Once you do the first one, it can be done from memory without much direction. It is a great skill to have. How to Fold a Dollar into a Flower
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Folding a dollar into a flower is a creative task and it can be fun. The only supply you will need is three or four dollar bills and alot of time, have fun.
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1. Fold a dollar bill in half width-wise. Repeat with the other four dollar bills. 2. Unfold the bills. Using a toothpick, roll the corners of the dollar bills to create a curl effect
Origami flowers are derived from careful folding and creasing of paper into beautiful shapes. These are lovely for decorations as well as stationery. For more information, look here
1 Be sure that you have a perfectly square piece of paper. Ad 2 Begin by situating the paper so it looks like a diamond. 3 Fold the bottom point up to the top. You should now have
About 4,000 times before it will tear (if that is what you are asking). Source: Embed
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The easiest way to fold a dollar into a heart, is to fold it in half lengthwise, then fold it in half lengthwise again. Form a circle with the dollar, and tuck ...
With a little practice, and these handy step by step instructions, anyone can make a ring from a dollar bill. The Japanese art of Origami will help you to transform ...
Folding a dollar bill can provide hours of entertaining fun. Imagine making a dollar bill look like a heart, a corsage of flowers, a ring, or even a butterfly ...
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