How to Fold a Long Sleeved Shirt?


To fold a long sleeved shirt, you need to lay the shirt down flat. Then, fold the arms in over the shirt. Fold the shirt in half from there, and then fold the bottom to the top.
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To fold a long sleeved shirt, lay it flat on its front and smooth out the wrinkles. Fold the arms back so that they lay lengthwise down the back. Fold the sides in to meet in the middle and then fold the bottom up to the neck.
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1. Lay the tuxedo shirt on a flat surface with the front of the shirt facing down. 2. Smooth out any wrinkles or folds in the fabric so that the back of the shirt is completely smooth
You can fold a tee shirt any way you like. I fold my tee shirts by holding it open then taking the sleeves to the back. After than I fold it in half horizontally across the torso.
Lay flat on the table or some type of hard surface. Straighten it out by the shoulders and smooth out all wrinkles. Take the sleeves and fold them across the center of the shirt.
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A long sleeve shirt can be folded a number of ways. The shirt can be folded in half longways and then folded again so that the sleeves come in. The shirt can also ...
1. Place the shirt face down on a flat working surface. Even out the shirt so that the shoulders and sleeves are symmetrical. 2. Fold the left sleeve over and ...
When I fold long-sleeved shirts I lay them on a flat surface faced down. I cross the arms across the back of the shirt and fold two times from the bottom up. I ...
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