How to fold bath towels decoratively?


There are many ways to fold towels decoratively. Hand towels can be folded in the shapes of animals, fans, and shirts even. It is a little harder to do so with a large bath towel. A nice way to fold a bath towel is to hold it up to your chest and fold one end to the center of the towel. Next you will fold the other end over it. You can either fold it into thirds to make a neat square or roll it up or place it in a lovely basket.
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1. Position one of the bath towels horizontally on a flat surface. Fold it in half by bringing the right edge even with the left edge. Smooth out any wrinkles. Now you have a square
1 Hold each towel by the corners on the same side of the shorter edge. Ad 2 Fold the towel two-thirds of the way to the end. The area not "covered" will be approximately
Here are a few links to help you out:….…. You can also get yourself a book on origami
you hold it long ways by two ends then you fold those two together, then take the bottom ends and fold them up to the top! EaSY!!
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How to Fold Bath Towels Decoratively
Next time you're preparing your guest room or planning a bridal shower gift, take a different approach to folding towels. Instead of simply folding them into box-like shapes to stack on the counter or into a gift box, experiment with some tucks and... More »
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