How to Fold Dollar Bills into Shapes?


Who knew there were so many great things you could do with your dollar bill. It isn't just for spending anymore. You can use your dollar bill to make great shapes and designs. The possibilities are endless. How to Fold Dollar Bills into Shapes
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Many shapes can be folded from dollar bills. Everything from rings and animal shapes, to a shirt and tie. Easy to make, you simply follow a pattern of folding techniques for all kinds of shapes. For more information look here:;
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There are many ways to fold a dollar bill. You can fold it in have, and that fold that into half. That would make the dollar bill a quarter of the size.
1. Fold the top right and left corners of your dollar bill down to create diagonal crease lines. Place the side edges to line up with the bottom edge and unfold. 2. Take the bottom
1 Take a dollar bill and place it face up in front of you. Fold the bill in half across the length. Then unfold; this will leave you with a crease. The pictures to the right show
About 4,000 times before it will tear (if that is what you are asking). Source: Embed
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A person can fold a dollar bill into a ring by folding the top end. The dollar bill ring also requires folding it into half. The dollar bill must be folded upwards ...
It's easy to fold a dollar bill into a ring. Begin with the back side of the bill facing you, folding the top and bottom edges under and fold the bill in half ...
Folding a dollar bill into a shirt is a fun activity that you can do at home with yourself or your family. First find a relatively crisp or new one dollar bill ...
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