How should I format my laptop?


To format your laptop, you should use the formatting option that the laptop offers. With the format option, you can format your laptop in the easiest way. However, you can also format your laptop by using the Windows installation CD.
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1. Navigate to and select the type of processor in your laptop. 2. Click on "Start Download. 3. Burn the disk image to a blank CD. 4. Place the
1. Connect the scanner to your laptop. Once you connect your scanner to a power source, connect the scanner to your laptop inserting one end of a USB cord into the scanner and the
1. Log on to your laptop and click the "Start" button. Choose "Control Panel" from the menu. 2. Click the "Classic View" button to see the full list
1. Ensure the laptop is turned off. Plug the AC power adapter into an electric outlet. Insert the circular end into the appropriate hole on the side of the laptop. 2. Leave the laptop
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How to Format Your Laptop
If you notice that your laptop is bogging down, you may have too many programs installed or you might have picked up a crippling computer virus. If this is the case, formatting your computer back to its original factory settings can help improve its... More »
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