How to Freeze Dry Herbs?


To freeze dry herbs you should place them in a colander, and then you dry them with paper towels. They should be placed on a cookie sheet in a single layer, and you let them lay for about 24 hours. Place them in an enclosure bag and label them so that they can be identified.
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1. Hold herbs by the stems and dip in boiling water, swishing them through the water gently. When the color brightens they are ready. This only takes a few seconds. 2. Place the herbs
The best way is to chop them up, and put them in ice cube trays with water and freeze, as fresh don't freeze very well. If you want to use them simply for seasoning, you'll need to
Herbs add flavor to your food without adding extra salt, sugar or fat. Whether you buy your herbs fresh at the store or pick them from your garden, you can prolong the life of the
1. Be aware that most herbs will not freeze in a way that retains their former glory. Many will turn mushy but should retain the flavor provided you are prepared to use them for food
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How to Freeze or Dry Herbs
You can freeze or dry herbs with equal success. Drying is the most common method, and it’s not hard, but freezing is faster. Blanching herbs before freezing improves their taste and color. No matter how you plan to preserve fresh herbs, cut them... More »
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The general rule of thumb when substituting dry herbs for fresh is to use only a third of the amount called for. For example, if a recipe called for a cup of fresh ...
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